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The Realm of Torment and hits of 'other deities'


In the Realm of Torment, there are two specific landmarks that hint at a spider deity: Arachnia Plateau, and the Spider's Heart. Aside from these two landmarks, there is no other information about this supposed 'Arachnia' . The only info we have is extracted from the gw.dat file and therefore not strictly canon. My questions are related to this creature.

Was there ever an idea to expand upon this creature and what happened? Did it get cut, or was it left in as just a mysterious hint that the universe of deities is way bigger than we know?

Would this 'spider god' have lived in the Realm of Torment, even before it became a prison for Abaddon? Is this related to the spider-leg-like 'Claws of Torment' we fight (which are found at those landmarks as well)?

We know that there are other powerful creatures described as deities besides the Six Human Gods and that the term 'God' is more of a title humans used for certain deities performing certain functions (e.g. Dhuum being the God of Death until Grenth takes over that role). Are there any other 'groups' of gods like The Six where this Arachnia could have fitted in?

I'm interested to know if anyone has any lore or thoughts on this, but totally understand that this is very niche and technically non-canon content. Thanks!

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