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D'Alessio Seaboard and HoH

First of all, I enjoyed GW1 and GW2 as both very different games sharing a name and a universe. Thank you for your hard work on these great games <3

My top questions would be:
1. D'Alessio Seaboard: For many players, this mission was a first experience with the game during open beta. Nostalgia hits hard. The atmosphere, the aesthetic were one of a kind. I'm curious, how would this specific region have evolved from GW1 to GW2? Any plan to add it to GW2? Eastbury Reserve :3
2. Hall of Heroes: This game mode was also very unique. It's one of the game mode my friends and I loved at launch. The various scenarios, the teamplay required, the uncertainty while facing new opponents, holding the final map, oh god. Would you consider HoH a success in GW1? If not, why? Was it planed at any point in GW2 development? Why did you drop it? I had hopes with PoF :'(

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