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Oppressor's weapons, Moa'vu'Kaal and Staff of the Mists

I have bunch of different questions I hope you will be able to answer.

1) This is something that bothered me for the longest time and it's probably just a coincidance/stylistic choice, BUT:
Is the red gem/glow from the oppressor's weapons set in any way related to White Mantle's first attempts to weaponize the Bloodstone?

2) How did the quest with the ancient skale, Moa'vu'Kaal come to be, what inspired it? Was it really touched by a forgotten god? Were the skale sentient, how were they able to perform any kind of ritual to summon him? What made you choose skales for this quest in the first place?

3) Lastly, I have a question about the Staff of the Mists. What made you decide to have it in a form of a quest, especially when it's counterpart, the Sceptre of Orr was a substantial part of a whole campaign. Seems a little odd to have such a powerful artifact appear only in the form of a side quest. Did the Staff of the Mists exist as a concept internally when you introduced the Sceptre of Orr or was it conceived solely for the purpose of that quest chain? And finally, did you plan to develop the artifact's backstory further (lore states that they were burried within the tombs of their last bearers)?

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