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Source of inspiration

Hello :)

Over the years the designers of Guild Wars have created a big amount of beautiful weapons and armors and I wonder what has been your source of inspiration when you designed them? Did you already had a bunch of ideas in your mind, when you started with designing the new weapons and armors or did you look up for designs in other games to inspire your own ones? Or maybe you looked up for pictures of real primeval weapons and armors?

How about the process of creating outposts and explorable areas? Did you got some inspiration from real cities and landscapes? Or did you develop a vision of how the area should look like just on your own without any further sources of inspiration?

What does the process of developing a new area look like? Do you create a sketch of the planned area or do any other kind of planning before you start to actually work on it? How do you make sure that the new area will harmonic fit together with the other surrounding areas or maps?

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