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Discounts on original Guild Wars & Expansions?

Hello! Sadly enough, I've never had the chance to try out the original GW, even though I've always wanted to. The only thing stopping me now is the pricing.

I can only find the digital editions on Steam, and the GW Trilogy + EotN would cost me a hefty €45, which, compared to GW2, does seem a bit high to me. It's an old game after all. Now, I'd happily pay that amount if I was looking for a new MMO altogether, but I'm mainly just interested in the story and seeing all the original places of Tyria. There are also retail versions popping up every now and then, but the price doesn't vary alot.

So my question is this: are you planning to present discounts to the original game and its expansions, in Steam or elsewhere, anytime in the future? I'm sure I'm not alone with my thoughts; perhaps that'd pull in a stream of new blood and breath some life into the original Guild Wars ;)

Anyway, these AMAs are wonderful, keep up the good work! I wish ya'll a nice not-too-busy summer :)

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