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GW1 Request

Glenstorm.4059Glenstorm.4059 Member ✭✭

Hey all, and thank you so much for having this discussion celebrating the original Guild Wars! I started playing around 2003-2004 as a freshman in high school, and still revisit the game now in my 20s. It's been a huge part of my life and I have had so many amazing memories playing it, so a big THANK YOU to Anet and the community for making it and for continuing to keep it available to play.

I'd like to humbly request a feature if possible. Equipping characters and heroes with the most desirable runes and upgrades (Superior Vigor, Windwalker Insignia, 20%/20% etc.) has become prohibitively hard with the decreased player base. It would be amazing if runes and upgrades could be made available for purchase via ZCoins.

I realize that GW1 development is probably at the bottom of Anet's list of priorities at the moment, but it would be a great QoL improvement for those of us returning to experience the original adventure again.

Thank you!

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