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Guild Wars 1 Original Art Style, Arachnia, and Xunlai Market

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Question 1:

  • Guild Wars Alpha had a WoW-like art style. This was changed from sometime after this video to before release. What were the decision factors of changing the art style? How long did it take? And whose idea was it to change it?

Question 2:

From the wiki:
"the name of a dead spider god which is said to be older than Abaddon and the other human gods. Arachnia is never mentioned directly in the game; however, within the gw.dat, the Arachnia Plateau is named after it and the descriptions of some Realm of Torment landmarks (i.e. Harvestman's Lair and The Spider's Heart) also bring up the name with the mention of "gods of insectoid beings.""

  • Obviously this was changed with the story of Gw2, but was there any lore designs on this ancient datamined God?

Question 3:

From the wiki:
"It was not an auction house but a place ("bazaar") to sell items for a fixed price. Players had a "Market" button in the Party search panel where they could find a list of items, searchable and filterable by categories in the current district or globally in the game. You had to spend a listing fee for every item, the amount is unknown, but would be variable, which would not be refunded when unlisted. The item had to be held in inventory while it was being offered in the Xunlai Market, the purchased item was put directly to your inventory and gold to your vault box. It is not known if the item could still be listed if the character was in an explorable area.

Localized German and Spanish strings were found in the dat file too so it can be assumed that the Xunlai Market was a well advanced project in extended testing status. The data was presumably deleted from the live dat-file in the January 31 2008 game update (source)."

  • Why was this scrapped and changed into Embark beach? Was it a design decision like Grinding Gear Games not having an auction house based on creating too much supply on demand which deflates prices? Or was it a technical decision based on bugs and the GW engine? Was any of this transformed into the GW2 auction house, since originally you had to be in the town to sell and buy on the trading post?

Thank you! Feel free to respond to any or all of these questions. This AMA is very much appreciated <3



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    Does anyone at Arenanet know how Daniel is doing. I wonder if anyone has kept in touch. Oh wait, Horia would know. XD

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    Hello. Your questions are not about released content. They are based on mentions of things that were found -- or perceived to be found -- through data mining. We're not going to talk about data-mined content, as is our normal policy. You're welcome to create a new thread about released content, if you'd like.

    As far as Daniel is concerned, I understand he's doing very well.

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