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How did the removal/major changes of PvP formats get discussed?

PvP has seen many different changes.
GvG has been changed a lot with from the start I reckon a couple of bodyguards and guild lords to a VoD to the recent Lord Damage system at 28 minutes. Which system did you prefer and are you happy how the Lord Damage system has turned out?

How come TA and HB got removed?
HB had bugs and some problems, like Red Resign, which could've been prevented by the current anti-syncing rules (Which don't really work atm in GvG) and removing the zquests.
Linsey wrote on the gw reddit that she's responsible for the removal of HB. What was her job at the time and how involved was she into the format? She also said she'd fight for the decision to remove it and she would still do it to not let it return (i'm paraphrasing, correct me if i'm wrong).

TA got removed, but a new format: Codex arena got implemented. Did Codex Arena end up the way you intended it to be?
What were the actual reasons to remove TA?
Was codex a way to supply the 4v4 scene?
Was there ever an idea to replace HB like TA got replaced by Codex Arena?
Have there been thoughts about changing the whole HB system, just like GvG went from VoD to Lord damage?



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