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Build Variety

As a developer, I recognize that ArenaNet's priority has to be the health of the game. But if concerns of balance weren't an issue, would you bring back the sheer number of skills and combinations that people loved from GW1.

That's honestly what I miss most, just the ability to build craft and test synergy.


  • Benkorah.6048Benkorah.6048 Member ✭✭

    To be honest, there is a lot more build variety in GW2 than what most people recognize (though perhaps not as much as GW1). Maybe if there was a GW2 equivalent of "pinging" our build, then those of us who try to craft our own builds would have a way to communicate our build with other players... or maybe the player community will always insist that everyone conform, regardless of the Dev's efforts to provide balance. Of course I realize that implementing a new mechanic like build pinging into the UI is easier said than done, but a guy can dream.

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