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Any chance the Hall of Monuments could be expanded from 50 to 80?

I started playing GW1 like 3 years ago or so, during the pre-HoT drought. I really like the game, and I come back often, mostly for completionism. However, I ran out of goals pretty quickly. I tried searching for the unofficial expanded Hall of Monuments that was created long ago, but it seemed its website died, so I went on to make my own version, because why not.

Expanded Hall of Monuments (from 50 points to 80)

Hope you liked it! If you're bored and need some goals, this might help. I know it won't go anywhere (it's just a technical fanfic of sorts, if you wish), and you can't really keep track of the new things, but it's just for fun anyway. The changes for this version of the Hall of Monuments include both harder and easier statues, to soften the progression in the early levels.

Summary of the changes:

Monuments (30 new points)

  • Devotion: 6 new points. Any polymock piece, 20 additional collectibles, and 3 complete sets.
  • Fellowship: 4 new points. 10 additional companions.
  • Honor: 10 new points. Any mission statue, any elite mission statue, and 20 additional statues.
  • Resilience: 4 new points. 8 additional armor sets.
  • Valor: 6 new points. Any imperial weapon, 45 additional weapons, and 3 complete sets.

Devotion (18 new statues)

  • Polymock pieces can now be dedicated, only after being unlocked for play.

Fellowship (11 [12-1] new statues)

  • Keiran Thackeray, Miku, and Zei Ri can now be dedicated.
  • The statue for any animal companion has been replaced by four separate any common-only animal companion statues, classified by continent.
  • Panda, White Moa, Rainbow Phoenix, Moss Spider, and Hound of Balthazar can now be dedicated.
  • Festive pets can't be dedicated to the Fellowship monument, but they are still required for a new Honor statue.

Honor (14 new statues)

  • Some statue names have been renamed for clarity purposes.
  • Eternal Wisdow and Eternal Treasure Hunter now only require tier 4 to be dedicated.
  • God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals can now be dedicated.
  • Four new unlock statues, awarded by unlocking all heroes, animal companions, skills, and upgrade components.
  • Three new completion statues, awarded by completing 1000 quests, scoring 100 points in every challenge mission, and unlocking 10 festival hats.
  • Four new hero statues, awarded by completing the final missions from Eye of the North, Bonus Mission Pack, War in Kryta, and Winds of Change.
  • Two new conqueror statues, awarded by completing Tomb of the Primeval Kigns, and Slavers' Exile.
  • Kuzick and Luxon statues are now considered PvP statues.

Resilience (1 new statue)

  • Deldrimor armor can now be dedicated to Resilience.

Valor (77+ new statues)

  • Imperial, Balthazar's, Deldrimor, Mursaat, Tengu, Undead, and Charr weapons can now be dedicated.

Is there any chance the live HoM could be upgraded with new tiers, somewhat like this?


  • Orpheal.8263Orpheal.8263 Member ✭✭✭

    I want to chime in here, because its obvious, that something like this won't happen within GW1 anymore, because GW1 has no official support anymore.
    It won't get new content anymore and what you want here is basically new content in GW1 by reworking some older content of it.

    Something like this finding its way into Guild Wars 2 would be much more likely, if anet basically reworks the connection between GW1 and GW2 so, that working on the Hall of Monuments becomes also completely possible from GW2, stopping it to let the HOM be like a not well thought out one way-road, which can be progressed only from GW1's side.
    To make your proposal possible, it would be neccessary to add this content via a HOM through GW2, and this in return woudl mean that it has to be a neccessary change then, that players should become able to progress their HOM progression also from both games and not anymore only via GW1.
    It's already silly to be forced literally to play GW1, just to be able to get some visual fluff rewards for GW2, but thats a different topic now....

    I'd love it, if we get to see one day the Eye of North back in GW2 as an explorable map, so that then these obsolete portal stones can be removed also finally then from the game, with the game receiving then its own HOM version from where we would be able then to retroactively work on the reward stuff from the side of GW2, so that we can leave, if we want to do so , finally GW1 back forever, not having to log in there anymore to work on those account link rewards, because ofv the GW2 version of the HOM providing then alternatives of equal effort to put there into your HoM, with that you could earn yourself the same things then.... because it makes absolutely no difference, if I put now 11 rare weapons in a HOm in GW1, or if I put 11 same as rare to receive weapons from GW2 into a HOM version of GW2 at the monument.

    If the tasks and effort are the same between both games, then there should exist problems with this. The difference only is, if its implemented via GW2, its possible, because GW2 gets the support and gets still new content - GW1 not.
    Into GW2 it would be ablsolutely possible to add as HoM an improved higher ranking version that goers up to 80 instead of 50 as a compensation for it, that some thigns are different here, than in GW1, that we have for exampel to put in GW2 more weapons onto our monuments, than in GW to get the equal amount of points from the moment, due to not the same weapons being putable into the monument between both games and weapons like Destroyer Weapons being differently easy/hard to get eventually also betwene both games, so that for GW2 you would have to put instead of for example 11 weapons then 50 Weapons onto that monument in GW2 to get the same amount of points one would have received in the HoM of GW1 for that.
    It is only a matter of design, how Anet would exactly implemented a Hom into GW2, but a GW2 HoMwould be defientely the only way, how your proposal could be realized. Through GW1 won't it happen definetely anymore.

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