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Guild Wars Original Was A Fantastic and Unique Game So Different From GW2

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First off, I want to thank you for the wonderful game. Guild Wars 1 was, in its prime, my favorite game of all time. I could try (and fail) to describe what I gained from and what I appreciate about the experience, but I'm sure you know what a monumental achievement the game was and have an idea the effect it had on the players. It was inspirational, and ground-breaking. So thank you very much for the experience.

  • Why not make GW1 free to play?

  • Guild Wars (original) seemed to be centered around guilds and GvGing, there were even the $100,000 GvG tournaments even before esports became popular. It was a game that seemed to have a distinct focus on PvP. GW2 is such an entirely different game. There's no cross classing, less customization, no monks, far less focus on PvP, much more focus on "sustained" PvE (rather than just the story packs like in GW1), and there is no GvG at all. In hindsight, considering that GW2 and GW1 are meant to be completely different games geared toward different audiences, do you think it was the best decision to end support for GW1 and focus your efforts on a new game instead of both?

  • Players blatantly cheat and hack to the point where they ruin the game for others, using interrupt bots, spike bots, follow bots, prot bots, etc., blatantly, to actually win monthly GvG tournaments, etc. Considering that Guild Wars (original) is still the only game of its kind, and many people still play or would like to if it weren't overrun by botters, what's your standpoint on this? Also -- just hypothetically -- are you aware of any options for any kind of effective anti-cheat system, and if so could you try to give a description of it? (Also, I realize a question about botting was asked already, but it was regarding botting in PvE and its effect on the game economy, which I feel is different enough from my question to leave mine here.)

Finally, thank you very much for providing players with this opportunity to ask you questions! And thank you again for the best game ever! =D

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