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Alright everyone, give me your favorite bugs!

As is tradition for me to ask developers, I want to know what bugs you loved in the original game (or hated) or just in general silliness that you found within the code. Mine would have to be the shenanigans that were involved in making the Mad King part work according to Robert Gee and John Stumme when they did a Halloween in Tyria episode for the old Developer Behind the Scenes series. The idea of having the King do an action, then replace him with another King right makes my head hurt just thinking about it. For the curious, you can hear John Stumme explain it here:



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    For me it is more a glitch than a bug. I was working on my Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer title and had to map all areas for this. For the Dunes of Despair mission you also need to map all area outside of the throne area while the timer is running and while you need to keep your Ghostly Hero alive. I read a tip that it would be possible to get to the outside area by teleporting to a corpse outside of the drawbridges before the timer started, but I was killed a lot of times by hidden scarabs crawling from the sand. A number of failed attempts later I got a lucky break: I was dead on the ground again and the bridge was still up but my death triggered a mechanic in which the hencies just teleport towards the general area of the player (in case they are stuck) so they came to my rescue, killed the scarab, rezzed me and allowed my finally to map all of the outside area.

    And here I have mapped it all, with my trusty hencies at my side, before timer start. I was so happy. :-)
    I also loved those Strike as One chains that could be used to jump over portals and explore more of an area than actually intended. Which involves the fact that while you cannot flag heroes into portal zones, pets just walk in fine. And then you let one pet teleport to the next one until one of them is so far into the portal that is is time to try to use your teleport skill to warp the the furthest pet.

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  • Portal jumping was also one of my favorites. I even put a lot of time into testing and documenting various portal jumps.

    Honorable mention:
    There was a bug for the first few months of Prophecies that was very annoying at the time, but funny in retrospect, where henchmen would randomly fly away.

  • Definitely the day when "By Urals Hammer" could revive spirits


  • I keep a screenshot album from GW1 and GW2 for every bug and texture glitch I've seen in the games. I don't remember too many specifics, but there were a lot of fun ones, like the one that would result in the PC spinning around in circles after death with the cape flapping about haphazardly.

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    Jade Armors at Thunderhead Keep spawning as lvl 5 black bears. It's still a thing.