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Can crafting be improved?

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These are features I am looking for:
1. Add more fish to our diet. Food recipes could use more seafood ingredients.
2. Please introduce critical successes and failures based on crafting level, hidden variables, and RNG. Hidden variables may be things like time of day, location in Tyria, character species or profession, etc. The more variables, the better.
2. Undefined recipes; that is, combining ingredients and/or items can result in a new AI-generated item taking whatever skin or icon but having better, different, or worse stat's.
3. Material slots for crafting are currently limited to 4. Please increase the number of slots available as characters max out their crafting level so that more complicated recipes are possible.
4. Add more variability to gathering results based on crafting or gathering expertise, not just current tool and other bonuses; things like high quality mithril, red meat, blue berries, and hard wood that increase the odds of a critical success or provide some other benefit.
5. Add more regional material varieties. I always thought the dill and chili pepper limits to Ascelon were a great idea and think that regional specialty concept should extend to more than just plants. Meats, metals, wood, gems, cloth, and leather should have unique varieties for each region. Even if regions have the same basic harvesting nodes, they can always give customized critical harvest results like more rubies here and more sapphires there.
6. Let the gods help in crafting. Each species should be able to buy, or otherwise claim, a bonus specific to their species and personal story to improve some results and handicap others. A Charr should be great with meat and metal where a Sylvari should be great with herbs and wood. The character and personal story should enable bonuses to crafting results based on player choices, if the player can obtain approval from the authorities the character's government or gods.
7. Forget about adding skins for all crafting options and open up the range of stat's before getting back to fashion wars. Sell skins separately but let players have more input to the attributes of equipment and consumables. This may mean loosening the hard recipes to allow hybridization based on quantities of various materials consumed. Three black diamonds and two charged quartz crystals should make something, not nothing.
8. Add other types of materials. Wood, cloth, leather, metal, gems, food... Add superior runes, sigils, and anything else clogging up the trading post. There is an amazing amount of unsellable junk that needs a way to consume. Let minor runes be food additives, for example. Add rock nodes and rock-based recipes. Designate runes and sigils as an ingredient type.
9. Open up recipes and uses for ascended materials. For example, adding blood stone dust to a potion increases its duration 20% or adding a crystalline ingot to a bowl of muscle soup adds 10 vitality and subtracts 5% more condition duratio.
10. Add increased resolution for stat sorting to the BLTP so players looking for specific stat's can find everything from a boon duration L80 staff to an expertise-giving potion.
11. For crafted items, including a signature of the crafter would be great.
12. Implment portable crafting stations.

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