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The History of the Henchmen - what has become out of them?

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What has exactly become out of the Henchmen from GW1 and how did they live, until they died in those 250 years?
Did they have descendants, which have had by themself again descendants ect. which are to be findable by now in the GW2 universe maybe, that are kind of related to those old henchmen characters from GW2, like Mhenlo, Cynn, Eve, Devona ect.
Is there maybe the chance that we might see somewhen such descendants eventually becoming part of the game's story?

Maybe playing some minor roles in LW Content, as new Dragon Watch Members that might eventually replace for some time or even perhaps forever one of the current Members (should or maybe die somewhen .../hint).
I would find it nice for nostalgia reasons, to get to see a new character playing part in the story, that has some kind of relationship to one of those ancient old heroes from the past that were henchmen, just to see, that somehow a part of this content finds its way back into GW2 in a different way ;)
A character, which could tell then stories every now and then about his/her grandpa/ma, and their heroic adventures back when he/she lived and that he/she dreams about becoming as heroic as like him/her, such a kind of nostalgic character would I find nice to have in the story ^^

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  • There's quite a few references, descendants or records involving the old henchmen in GW2. To list a few favorites, I was pleased to meet a particular adventuring group in Divinity's Reach, one of Aidan's descendants appeared in the previous season of the story updates, and the current season has had a few prominent appearances that I won't spoil.

    I've got a lot of fondness for the hard-working, oft-maligned henchmen, so it's always fun to notice a callback to them. I don't know if there are plans for anyone you specifically mentioned, but keep an eye out because it's always possible we'll see new information about them or their kin.

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    I'd like to have henchmen and heroes back. Maybe for dungeons/fractals? I'd pay to buy them too.

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