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Return of Polymock!! When?

My last of the 3 questions we are allowed to post very simple and very direct...

When can we expect to see finally the return of Polymock into GW2, one of GW1's greatest Minigames..

Polymock in GW1 was such a nice litte but simple minigame.
That poor little Asura in Rata Sum is already working for 6 years now on that Asura Gate, so that it can teleport us somewhen finally to the Polymock Arena of their City.

I know, this one isn't really directly a full GW1 related question, but Polymock was a great part of GW1 that got added through Eye of the North to show us this way a bit of the culture of the Asuran race and I miss this culture part of the Asura very much in GW2.

Polymock belongs to the Asura so much ,as like Gods belong to the Humans, or the Animal Spirits to the Norn and its just sad to see, that this part of the Asurans hasn't found yet its way back :( Bring it back! Pleaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee

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  • Redfeather.6401Redfeather.6401 Member ✭✭✭

    lol When I read your topic title, I came here to mention that area in Rata Sum meant for polymock that is still under construction.

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  • butch.8136butch.8136 Member ✭✭

    Soon. Will be a mobile game though.

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