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How old are Asuras when they are in school?

Vilenia.3081Vilenia.3081 Member

Here's a question that has been bothering me for years:
In Metrica Province we can visit the precollege Slorge Metamystic where our asuran personal character has been before joining a college in Rata Sum. We know Asuras are genius, we know Taimi is extra smart, but we have very little info on other Asuras regarding their age while at school. I would like to know what is the medium age at which an Asura child starts precollege, how much time does it usually last, and when is a young Asura expected to join one of the 3 colleges? A range between the youngest and the oldest age to start school would be fine too.

Also, I would like to know if Asuras today keep the practice of passing an exam for their birthday like they used to.

I understand that as roleplayers, we may do as we please when information is not provided, but it's harder to reach a consensus when we have nothing but cute tiny condescending NPCs. For now that's what is happening since 2012 and it makes no sense D:

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