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Why was the rigorous decision made to leave GW once GW2 came out?

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Once GW2 came out, GW was put on a self-sustaining mode. Changes were made that GW needed as little attention as possible.

I understand once a new game comes out you will have to re-allocate your resources, but not having a single dev dedicated to the game seems a bit OTT.
It is great that GW is being kept online and all.
- Why wasn't it possible to keep 1-2 dev's part-time dedicated to GW?

At the time it felt like you felt that GW was dirty. A mistake. You had to abandon it as quickly as possible, leave it with as little support as possible to show that GW2, with all things new, updated, flashy and different is the new big thing. That the current GW has no place in the current gaming landscape, except for people filled with nostalgia.

The sudden interest from the devs on the gw-reddit and this current AMA makes me think that there is still love for GW, it might be nostalgia for the old game. It might be, because it is a nice playground to test your programming skills on in your free time, because there is little attention from it anyways.
Maybe it is because there is acknowledgement that GW had a lot of many good things, which we don't see anymore in the current gaming landscape.

Because of the sudden retreat of devs from GW, it was left with a lot of skill-balancing problems.

  • Would it be possible to gather a group of experienced players in their format (PvP, PvE, SC/farming) and have discussions about skill balancing? (just tweaking %, +damages, cast time etc. not changing whole skill descriptions)
    If so, I think balancing would be best done in a couple of stages. Small updates every 2 weeks for maybe 2-3 months and then the major problems would be fixed. This would bring a nice fresh air to the game and I'd bet it would keep the game more interesting for the long term on self-sustaining mode.


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    I think Anet rushed the whole thing in general.

    GW1 was the #2 MMO on the Western market, second only to WoW (which still hasn't been beaten yet) - and it wasn't even a "real" MMO! Game was a success.

    But apparently Anet wasn't satisfied with the business model, so instead of trying literally anything at all they quickly made a decision to jump ship, and create the game that will beat WoW! Which, of course, nobody could do since.

    They wanted a PvE game, because that got more and more popular as time went on. Except about 1 year after they abandoned a solid PvP title, esport started taking off. So Anet made the only logical thing: try to set up your new PvE title for e-sport, of course.. like.. I can't even at this point

    At least they started to experiment with monetization 2 years into abandoning the game, that's something..

    Yes I'm a bit salty but so many opportunities were missed just because Anet gets distracted easily by shiny new ideas instead of committing to what they already have. And then pride stops the company from ever reconsidering even just a little.