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Return of Razah?

Making this post partially in reference to a question a younger, more naive guild wars 1 player used to ask in some LA ama some years ago! I used to spam something to the lines of "What is happening with Razah?" haha! He was one of my favorite characters as he was a Ritualist (like myself) that spawned from the Realm of Torment. A mad oddity. Also, he was inspired by Data from Star Trek Next Generation which is a definite plus! Would love to know if he finds himself and a purpose with the help of the gw1 heros, or alternatively, if he loses his way and becomes an entity much more demonic. Mox recently came back into the story so this seems like it may be a possibility!

Any chance we could learn about Razah's story in between games/ see his return in the sequel? Thanks. :)



  • Red Haired Savage.5430Red Haired Savage.5430 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It would be awesome to see Razah. I'm hoping my warrior from GW1 taught him well and he found his purpose.


  • I figured he was being thought of a little with release of the Razah's Nightmare torch skin in the champ bag release. Razah really does have a lot of possibilities in lore. If he is ever brought back into the story I am certain it will be fascinating to learn about. Thanks for the response!

  • Agrios.1957Agrios.1957 Member ✭✭

    Maybe we would know better if people didn't vote for Ellen Kiel.

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