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Hello Lads!

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this, this is great! As a GW player from the first days on, Im super excited to see some attention being shown to us again! My questions relate mostly to what is and isnt possible (and how it might be) in regards to future patches, updates and the likes.
First off, again, thank you for the recent wave of patches, this has revived something in the Guild Wars community I havent seen in a long time!
On that note: Is there a chance that (some) paid time of employees could be dedicated to GW1 for maintenance and care? The current wave of updates, as I understand, is made in the free time of SCW and coworkers, and would end when they lose interest, however I think dedicating some work time to this would pay for itself and then some, and heres why:
There are plenty of players returning to GW every day and most of those quit again within days or weeks for 2 reasons:
1: The game feels (or felt until late march) like lawless land, botting, spamming and goldselling is rampant and scammers and
their likes go unchecked, that state of anarchy would return the minute you turn your back on us again :/
2: For most players, the nostalgia they come in with gets crushed by the reality of too few players being active-they remember
full districts and lively discussions everywhere, this is not the case-it might recover step by step though if #1 gets and
continues to be taken care of.
Those extra players would, as we all do, buy something every now and then in the shop, and et voilá, the time should pay for itself.

One step further, what would be the best way of showing the amount of interest and the number of players looking for new content in any shape or form? I get that this has many issues, but the core issue is the investment, correct? We could set up a patreon, you set a few goals that we aim at, with an official statement on what would be done at each goal, that way Arenanet does not have to worry about the money spent so much and will know up front if the investment would be wise. As I understand, if most of the devs are still working for the company, some of them could delegate some of their time to GW without it disrupting everything at living world, correct?
On that note, how far was the progress in creating GW Utopia and could some of that be reused and implemented? I would LOVE to see some of the chronomancer/summoner ideas, and obviously be ecstatic if you guys gave us the opportunity to help fund the release of that and any other new content!

Im well aware these kinds of questions have been asked a million times on a million different platforms to a million different people, but I cant NOT ask them, and I think the patreon way could actually work; there have been plenty of petitions and the likes where the community tries to raise awareness on your side for this, but they all inevitably failed for a lack of belief on the communities side. If you gave an official statement on what is necessary to make the company move, that would be different. I sincerely hope you can find your way to consider this idea :)

A loyal fan!

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