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Favorite GH and outpost?

Inspired by other such topics, what's your favorite Guild Hall?

Or do you have an outpost you always came back to? Maybe for music or general atmosphere, just to chill. (for me it's Granite Citadel)


  • witcher.3197witcher.3197 Member ✭✭✭✭

    GH: Hunter's Isle or Wizard's Isle. Gotta love the dark of Hunter's, but nothing can beat Wizard's pre-searing theme.

    Outpost hmmm.. there are so many great ones in factions. Seitung Harbor or Durheim Archives.

  • Dami.5046Dami.5046 Member ✭✭✭✭

    We had Isle of meditation for years, even named the turtle and had guild parties on the beach. We changed to the Isle of Solitude when Nightfall came out, because we wanted a change.
    I spent alot of my time in house zu heltzer as I love the gothic- ness of the Kurzicks, but I have too many outposts I loved to say.

  • Cronospere.8143Cronospere.8143 Member ✭✭✭

    Bergen Hot Springs, THE place for a 55hp monk!

  • Boro.7359Boro.7359 Member ✭✭

    What would you farm there? Bones?

    Anyways, Warrior's Isle for it's rich pvp history and great balance, Frozen Isle for the fun split tactics and ice effect. Isle of the Dead because it was [EvIL]'s guild hall in the GWFC semifinals, these were the best guild halls.

    For outposts/towns: The Marketplace for being the trading hub of guild wars (forget Embark Beach, that place is dull), Yak's Bend for the "holy gargoyle droppings! I'm out of razed ascalon!" blast of visual splendor. There is also special mention to Hell's Precipice for literally being an outpost on the bloodstone itself.

  • Dami.5046Dami.5046 Member ✭✭✭✭

    55 monk just outside of droks ;)

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