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GW1 and Esports

For me as a long-time GW1 player, its PVP is easily some of the best PVP Gameplay I have ever played (even on par with MOBAs), and over the years I've seen this opinion echoed in various forums, reddit, etc. a lot of times, too.

Since you at Anet tried to push Esports in GW2, I was wondering if you ever looked back at GW1 and its potential as an Esport? In my mind, it just seems like the game systems of GW1 lend themselves far better to building an Esport than those of its successor:

  • You would already have some solid groundwork with current GVG and HA modes, although I guess some changes would be needed to make the game modes more engaging to watch.
  • The length of games is pretty much perfect for an Esport
  • You have strategic elements in Build Wars and how you play the map, while also having room for "outplays" with good micro (quartersteps, rupts, fake casts etc.)
  • Team Arenas and Hero Battles (rip) or even Random Arenas are somewhat more relaxed game modes, at the cost of balance (think ARAM in LoL)

I know it's probably never gonna turn into reality, but it would be nice if you had some thoughts on this or not ;)



  • I feel exactly Like you do on this topic. Would love to hear what the devs think on this topic.

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