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Sunken Chest Bug [MERGED]



  • The bug is still a thing - still going on.

  • MrFayth.3546MrFayth.3546 Member ✭✭

    I've opened probably 30 chests since anet said they fixed it and haven't encountered a single problem.

  • actarus.8319actarus.8319 Member ✭✭
    edited July 28, 2018

    I face the bug with the Frostgorge Sound chest, it worked fine before, maybe Anet has forgotten to include the fix in the last versions ?!
    Fixed, I made a mistake about the chest location.

  • knell.5970knell.5970 Member ✭✭

    Are the chests borked again?

  • @knell.5970 said:
    Are the chests borked again?

    Iron Marches one still is for me :( one day, I will be a Freebooter.... One day... Only one I haven't been able to open. Tried the rezoning thing, all the suggestions here. No luck.

  • @knell.5970 said:
    Are the chests borked again?

    No. I just did them all again today. Twice through. No problems, except for one chest that I forgot I ran out of time to get last time around (so I had to do 21 instead of 20 today).

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  • Thoehn.7460Thoehn.7460 Member
    edited October 20, 2018

    I've completed the achievement three times and am on 9/10 chests for fourth rotation, but no chest is available-- every single one shows as looted. I've re-zoned, re-logged, etc but nothing changes.

  • Which one shows not completed on the list?

  • Wow, still bugged lol... found one in Lornar's Pass.

  • kahzee.6042kahzee.6042 Member ✭✭

    I have tried to complete this as well and had to completely log out to see a new chest.
    what a joke

  • Today I tried to open the chests. I have full of keys, and never used, so this was the day, I when I want to get the gear and the points for the master diver. I did 10/10 opened all, got the stuff, but in Iron Marches, at the Spentlung Depth, didn't got the point, just the stuff. And of corse I tried to do it again, but the chest still opened, so can't repeat. Try in other time?