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[EU][PvE][Syu] Sureiyaazu is recruiting! Great way to find your raid / fractal team!



  • Hello! I'm a new player who's still learning the ropes and your guild sounds interesting. Would it be okay to join and see if this is something for me?

  • LPTimme.6173LPTimme.6173 Member ✭✭

    Hey, i played since release with some big and some small breaks, i play T4 fractals daily with my chrono and plan on getting into raids. Although i am a noob regarding raids i would love to improve and learn it with some peeps:) my chrono is almost full ascended (working atm on the 2 swords and 1 focus everything else is regular support chrono ascended.).
    So i'd want to start learning raids with my chrono and later gearing and playing a broader variency of classes in raids:)
    I applied for a Raid Training guild but if i have the chance to find a more familiar guild (not a 400+ guild) i would prefer this way of playing because it feels less "generic"? (can't find a better word as i am writing this^^).
    Of course I/you don't know how it harmonizes without trying, so i thought i'd like to give it a try with you guys:)

    One thing i need to say: i can't promise to always be able to play each day, sometimes it might just be once or twice a week because i play another game in competitive regards 2 to 3 times a week in the evening but despite that i am pretty active and would love to find some fellow Tyrians :)

    If you still want to try it just add me ingame and we also can talk almost about anything you want to know about me :)

    Sry if my english first should sound a bit rusty, i talked not that much english in the last years and i might need a bit of regular english speaking to become more fluent again :)
    And i hope my accent is not too german because i don't like that myself^^

    I am 25 and live in Germany, everything else we can talk in your discord ;)

    https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Clairê (my chrono equip atm^^)

    IGN: LPTimme.6173

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    Kaze.7821 LPTimme.6173 hey there guys, thanks for the introduction, check your guild tab and lets meet up in game ;)

  • Sounds like you're a bunch of nice people, so I'd love to join! :)

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    @Maden.6209 said:
    Sounds like you're a bunch of nice people, so I'd love to join! :)

    Np mate! Inv send.

  • Jackk.8104Jackk.8104 Member ✭✭

    bump, you can message or mail me in game for invite aswell

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    Bump again!

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    We are still looking for new members, especially experienced raiders who would like to join our static!

    Most wanted classes:

    BS / Spellbreaker

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    Bump again!

  • Im Interested. Few firends and I are looking for a very social guild with the option to raid and do other end game content :)

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

    I will distribute invites for anyone interested in joining who post a reply here, you can also /w me or Jackk.8104 in-game!

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭

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  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭
    edited August 17, 2018

    Still recruiting!

    How can you join?
    Get in touch by replying to this post or writing a mail or whisper in game at: Konsky.8563, Jackk.8104

  • Hi,I would like to join your guild :)
    New player btw

  • @Paranoja.5128 said:
    Hi,I would like to join your guild :)
    New player btw

    Inv send, jump in! If you will have any questions, let me know!

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  • Our community is getting larger every day!

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  • Hello would like to join, normally i played for a while but took a break, now i recently bought path of fire and came back to the game. I am kind of still new to the game, hopefully i can learn things, i also would like to join all kinds of content when i qualified for them. Hopefully Sureiyaazu will be the guild that i can call home if you guys would like to have me :)

  • Hi there, It seems that your guild is the most noob friendly I found.
    It would be really nice to join your guild and meet some new friends!

  • CurlyTheWalkingWard.5287, Wally.5108 Hey there guys! Check your Guild tab in game and don't forget to join our discord! ;)

  • Even Minis are having lots of fun in our community!

  • Hello I have recently moved into the EU side of servers and I may (read as: did) have chosen a home world that isn't Aurora Glade, and since I'm mostly interested in PvE stuff I'd like to know just how much that's gonna interfere with joining

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭
    edited September 16, 2018

    Scohui.2871 You won't be able to join us in WvW (which don't actually bother us to much), being on different world not gonna interfere with anything else!

  • Alright that's cool. I am interested in joining. I'm neither a noob or a veteran, I've been playing for a year and for a while I played with friends but they have all pretty much forgotten about the game so I'd appreciate new ones ahah

  • Hey im interested :D send an invite please

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    What is typical size of Norn IQ?
    One Svanir.

  • Sounds like a fun guild, and pretty much just what i am looking for, can i join?

  • @pombear.1058 said:
    Sounds like a fun guild, and pretty much just what i am looking for, can i join?

    Sure thing!

  • Hey is there still a place for a new player like me i got both expansions

  • I'd be interested in joining you guys. My experience of the game is pretty low especially on PvE tho :))

  • You guys should receive invite soon.

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭
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    What do you call a transgender sylvari?
    A transplant

  • Konsky.8563Konsky.8563 Member ✭✭
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    Why do Spellbreakers make excellent bartenders?
    They always have a Full Counter.

  • What do you call an egotistic competition-winning venomshare thief who is gliding?
    A contest-ending condescending condi-sending con descending.

  • How does a Charr command a group of Sylvari?
    He just barks orders at them.

  • Hello, this looks my kind of guild. Invite please!

  • What does sylvari when he want to exit?
    He takes his leaves and leaves.

  • Hey I would be interested in joining. Feel free to message me in game if you want more info :) if not feel free to invite me!

  • Any good ideas how to bump this topic up bois?

  • LMF Roller Beetle Racers B)

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