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Engineer Flamethrower

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I have not played my Engineer for a long time and I started again earlier last week. I notice that the Flamethrower will miss my target. The flame will go to the side and not hit my target even when the target is right in front of me, well within the range, and target locked. Then in a few seconds, after about 2 auto-attacks completely missing my target, it will auto-correct and finally hit my target. I am not moving, just standing in front of my target. It will literally blast the empty space on my target's left side.

This also occurs when my target is slightly above or below me.

I only ever notice this on my Charr Engineer but not on my Norn Engineer.


  • Flamethrower skill #1 misses target but will auto-correct eventually.
  • Even when target is locked and within range.
  • Noticeable on Charr but not on Norn (not sure with other race)


  • Flame Jet is supposed to spray fire in a cone pattern - I don't think it does.

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