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Utility in Fractals

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I've been doing fractals exclusively on my Guardian until now. He is wearing full ascended, I've hit 120 AR which is more than adequate for the moment as I'm only working on T3. One of the things I love about my Guard (running Core Zeal / Radiance / Virtues) is the amount of utility I bring to the group. Everything from Aegis, health regen, stun break, fury, I love that in addition to buffing my own performance, I'm boosting (and sustaining) the other members of my group.

I then went and leveled a Thief and am running her as Daredevil - Staff, and am conflicted on whether I want to bother bringing her into fractals or not, and what is holding me back honestly, is that I don't feel she brings much of anything to the group outside her DPS.

All she brings to the group are the buffs from Thrill of the Crime, Bountiful Theft, and of course Basilisk Venom.

Am I overthinking this? I know lots of thieves must do fractals, so I wouldn't be the first. But of all my years in MMOs, I've always played a hybrid type of class that mixed up DPS with group healing, buffs or protections. I've never really played a full (or 'pure') DPS class before in group content, outside maybe playing a Hunter back the day in WoW , but I was still able to misdirect threat to the tank (back in those days threat generation was a big deal) and lay down traps to save the healer.

Is there something else I can do to bring more utility maybe? My secondary weapon is Shortbow, but that's mostly for movement, tagging and when I need to stand out of melee range of a boss.


  • Thieves do have their places. In particular, Basilisk Venom is one of the best CCs in the game. Thieves are also good at using blind fields, which can render anything without a break bar helpless. If you drop a smoke screen on top of a troublesome group of enemies, it renders them powerless, but if it is a continuous problem then running Dagger+ Pistol or Sword + Pistol lets you keep up a small pulsing blind field permanently. The shortbow can also do something similar: by dropping 3 choking gas on a group, they'll be dazed continuously over and over. Finally, there are places where long term stealth is useful. Particularly in Underground and Twilight Oasis. There, Shadow Refuge is great at getting past the annoying parts.

    From there, there are a couple of things that other classes can do, but the thief can also do well if needed:

    Devourer Venom: This is useful in Snowblind and Volcanic. There, you can pulse out the venom to immobilize all of those grawl and ice elementals, so you don't have to chase them down. Best part is, since this pulses a unique buff in an area, it lets all of your teammates do it, too.

    Scorpion Wire: This one is good in molten facility for yanking away the molten protector.

    Shadowstep: This one is good for getting through the heat room in Thaumanova, and also running the wisps in Swamp.

    Smokescreen: aside from being a blind field, it is also projectile destruction when needed, so it is useful in Uncategorized, or other places where there are a lot of projectiles.

    Boon Stealing. This is an unusual one, but on occasion you'll end up with the "No Pain, No Gain" instability while also having no other teammates with boon removal. In these cases, swap to Sword + Dagger, and use Larcenous Strike whenever enemies get boons. On the plus side, you'll have capped might, fury, and protection constantly, and also on the plus side the entire team will do more damage since enemies won't have protection anymore.

    Signet of Agility: A lot of people forget that you can use this to cleanse conditions and refill agility for the whole team.

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  • Also if you don't need to worry so much about straight utility, you can be a credit to your team by just boosting their damage and healing through your venoms. its always nice when you manage to get all of your venoms on your entire team just before they go ham on a boss. <3

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