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[NA/ EU] Legion of Honour [XIII] – Newcomer Friendly, Social, Fun, Do a bit of everything guild

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Back on the old forums, Glitch started a long-lived thread call Operation: Union. It’s goal was to bring all types of players together, to let them find people to group up with, run dungeons, clear maps, or just play together in whatever way they found most fun.

The idea became so popular, that the guild Legion of Honour was established from that thread as a central hub to let all these players stay connected, chat and just generally enjoy the social aspects of GW2 without the typical sense of obligation that goes with some guilds.

Legion is still very much alive, and still holds to those same ideas. It’s a place where any player is welcome, no matter which part of the game you are into. There are no rep requirements or activity obligations to be a part of the guild either. Just come on in and enjoy the company.

I’ll set out all the major things you might want to know below, so it’s easier to see. You can also check out Who we Are


Guild Name: Legion of Honour [XIII]

Activities: We are a do a bit of everything guild. Whatever our members enjoy grouping up to do we encourage. This of course includes PvE, dungeons, fractals, raids, WvW, PvP and Roleplaying

Region: We are cross-region and server with members in both EU and NA servers. However, the majority of our players are on NA servers even if they live in EU timezones. Communication like guild chat works across the NA-EU region divide, but sadly grouping up for any sort of content does not.

Requirements: We have no activity or rep requirements. You are absolutely welcome to join Legion for our chat and to find like minded players to group with even if you already have obligations to other guilds.

Voice Comms: We do have a guild Discord server for both text and voice communication. Using it is entirely optional, and many members do use it without a microphone as well.

More Information: Please check our website: About Us

Getting an Invite or asking a question: The best way is through a reply in this thread, our website (see link above) or by sending an in-game mail message to one of our officers or centurions:

Helequin – Helequin.2608
Lexy – Lexy.3912
Dax – Dax.4012
Wolf – Ledah Wolf.8432
Snake - Snake.2374
Jax - JaxLeo.7912

Why [XIII]? An answer lost to time. Call it a Glitch in the guild’s records….



  • A few people have found us through this post and joined in the fun! Please get in touch if you'd like to know more or to get an invite.

  • I'm interested, how do I apply?

  • Finrot, you can find more detailed information on our website at: https://operationunion.enjin.com/

    But, we really aren't a very formal bunch at all! I'll send you an in-game invite in the next minute or two.

  • Hi Helequin, can I join?

  • Of course! Sending you an in-game invite right now.

  • I would also be interested in joining in on the fun! I just returned from a long break and my previous guilds have shriveled up and become inactive.

  • Hi, I've returned from a VERY long hiatus, and would love to join. Looking for a relaxed and friendly place to hang out until I relearn the entire game -.-

  • Hi. Room for someone still learning the finer points?

  • Welcome to the fun Demongene, Nynphaiel and brightplate!

    As for learning (or re-learning) the finer points, feel free to ask around in guild chat. People are usually helpful!

  • Tron.1763Tron.1763 Member ✭✭

    What Server for WvW????

  • WvW is tough for us since we are spread out. There is a good size core group of people on Tarnish Coast, and I think a few active WvW people on Henge. But we really don't do formal guild WvW stuff if that is what you are looking for. More small ad-hoc groups based on the same server.

  • Right, had some time away but the guild is still very much here and always open to new players interested in joining in the fun. All of the above information still applies, so go ahead and give us shout if you'd like an invite or ask here if you have questions!

  • I'm still new to the game but I'd like to join :)

  • hey hey :joy: i'm rather curious i'd like to join. i'm on EU servers

  • Welcome Angel and Wizard Howl! You should have in game invites to the guild the next time you log in.

  • Hello, I've begun to work through my mastery levels and would like to be a part of your guild. I'm also on the EU servers.

  • Welcome Wanderer! I couldn't be on the last couple nights, but I've added you to the guild in game now. You should see it the next time you log in.

  • We've had a number join us through our website, and we're still very much here and open to others!

  • We're still doing our thing, as ever. Give a shout if you'd like to join in!

  • Hello there. I am returning after being away for a very long time as well and would love to find a friendly, social guild to be a part of :)

  • Hi Rhalina! Welcome, I'll send you an in-game invite now.

  • New to game and looking for a home for my toon. Look forward to joining ya'll.

  • Hey I've been with the game for a few years now and still don't have a guild of my own so, can i join? mostly wanna participate in pvp or roleplay

  • Welcome Draconis and BlizzerFlame! I've just sent you both in game invites now.

    Blizzer, there are some around the guild who enjoy pvp and RP as well, but we don't tend to have any formal events for those two things right now. But definitely ask around in guild chat to see who might be interested.

  • I'd be interested in an invite. Add Odarion.2947

  • Invite sent! Welcome :)

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Giving this a new breath of life for the weekend!

  • Hi, I've had the game since it came out but took a long break because everyone I was playing with kind of quit and some of the higher level content was just too hard to solo. Just recently started playing again and the guilds I was in have died so was looking for a friendly active guild to join.

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    edited May 22, 2019

    Welcome! I tried sending an in-game invite to you, but you are already in 5 guilds which is the maximum. You will have to leave one of those before I can add you.

  • I would like to join this guild if possible! new to GW2 and trying to learn fast ! :)

  • Hi can I join? Coming back to the game from a break and need guild to play with.

  • Hey! I've been looking for a guild and I'm really liking the sound of this one. I'm pretty casual so I've been looking for just a friendly chill guild. :)

  • I'd love to join if you are still inviting people!

  • I would love to join too! I've been looking for an active guild for a long time.

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Wow, I'm away for one day and look at this! Welcome everyone! I will be sending out invites in game to you all shortly.

  • I'd love to join this guild. Been looking to get further into this game, and I think a guild would be the best way to do so!

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Welcome! Invite sent

  • im interested in joining looking for home

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Welcome Ricky! Invite sent just now.

  • Hi! I'm new to the game, still learning, and have been hoping to find some more people to play with casually (pve, dungeons, fractals eventually). May I join?

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    Welcome Koffee! I just fired you a guild invite in-game.

  • May I have an invite as well?

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Welcome Battosai! Going to get you an invite in a few minutes, I was away all weekend.

  • It's been a little bit, but we're definitely still here! We've recently shaken up some of our guild events to include a mix of Map/Meta events and guild missions on Friday night (NA time).

  • Once again it's been a little while, but we're still doing our thing. So come join us if interested!

  • Hey Helequin, ive been playing for a while, got two lvl 80 toons and my old guild disbanded not too long ago. Just getting back into the game and was hoping to find a guild if yall are still open.

  • Definitely still open! Welcome back to the game Flintoch, you should find an invite waiting for you next time you log in.

  • Hi I recently got back into GW2 after a bit of a break and am interested in joining if you guys are recruiting. Im not a very good player since im currently learning the deeper parts of the game.

  • Karaash.1037Karaash.1037 Member ✭✭
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    Hey! Returning player here LF a guild to call home and learn n_n (still green here). Got a few questions (Still joining thou) do you do raids? cause I'd pretty much like to raid someday since I've never been able to do so and also what server for WvW I'd like to learn how to pvp.

  • Hey, long-time off and on player since day 1, casual, can discord, on end-game content (kralk) but still learning bits here and there about the inner-workings of things. I'm PST and am a single parent who just enjoys social-casual mmo'ing.

    ingame name: Legiticus