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[NA/ EU] Legion of Honour [XIII] – Newcomer Friendly, Social, Fun, Do a bit of everything guild



  • Welcome MalonatorPL, Karaash, and Corda! I will be sending you all in game invites in the next few minutes.

    Yes, we do some raiding as a guild although over the summer things have been less formal with people on holidays. But, usually on Monday nights we have an organized, static raid group. But if they are short players or right now while people are away they are doing more open and training runs.

    On Wednesday nights I check for open/experimental raid interest to anyone who is interested in learning or trying out different (not necessarily meta strategies). We group up, see who we have and then pick a wing based on what we think we can tackle that night.

  • Labour day is gone and for many of us it means back to work, school and needing a way to have some fun in the evenings. We're still here doing our thing as always, so let us know if you want to join in.

  • A quick bump to say we're still her and having fun. Happy patch day!

  • Hello ! I whould very much like to join the guild fun. I have just started playing but learn fast. Old long time warcraft player. playing on EU Underworld. Peace B)

  • Welcome Raziiel! I just sent you an in-game invite.

    Like the OP says, most of our players are on NA servers though we have a few on EU too. So feel free to jump on in and join the chat.

  • Hey i was wondering if your still recruiting and I'd love to join

  • Welcome Blackkheart! I'll send you an in game invite in a few minutes.

  • The Mad King festival is here! And we're still kicking around as always, so post away if you want to jump in.

  • Hello! I would love to join.

  • Welcome Cactuse! In-game invite just sent.

  • Hey! I would like to join. From EU. :)

  • I'm not sure how to send messages (I don't play often enough) but I'd be interested in joining and see what the guild experience is like! :)

  • I would like to join as well. FRom EU

  • Welcome Saniusik, AtomicSparklez and Fireblade! I just sent in game invites to you all.

  • Right, the holiday craziness is over and we're still here doing what we do. Feel free to give a shout if you would like to join us.

  • Just hit 80 and im super confused about how get ready for endgame content looking for helpful and active guild

  • Welcome Muff! I've sent you an in-game invite. There's definitely some people around who can help out.

  • Good morning! I just submitted a request directly on your website. Looking for a casual guild that accepts older players!

  • Sorry for the delay! I've just gotten to your application now and accepted your invite. I'll be away over the weekend too, but will be sure to check for anyone else wanting to join when I get back online on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Hi there! Just picked up the game again after a few years of forgetting/not playing it, would love to join a chill group to enjoy the game together.
    NA PST timezone here. Thanks!

  • Welcome! Just sent you an invite in game. Lots has changed, so be sure to ask in guild chat if anything seems to give you trouble.

  • Hello! My fiancee' and I just started playing GW2 about a month ago, we're both about lvl 60 now. We're still kind of learning the specifics as we go, but we were hoping to find a friendly guild to join. I played the original GW and he's new to the franchise, but if you guys have room we would love to join!
    Winyelaceta.6314 and Mato Inila.9146 Thanks!

  • Welcome both! I just got back after a weekend away from the game, so I've sent your invites just now. Have fun!

  • oneguardian.4360oneguardian.4360 Member ✭✭
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    I remember Operation Union. I was part of it, on my old account. I remember when legion was formed, and even you Hele lol. Whew that was many years ago. Now I'll have to go on my old account and see if any of you are still on my friends list haha. Probably not its been so long. Good to see you guys are still at it. :)

    EDIT: Just took a look, found this mail lol. http://prntscr.com/r8bh9v

  • Hi. I'm a returning player - sort of. I used to play in NA and now created an account on EU. Looking for an active guild.

    Who should I message to join?

  • Welcome codedbykush! I've sent you an invite in game.

    Oh wow Kaii! Great to see you are still around. I think you, Lexy, DEK, Kit and G taught me most everything GW2 related back then. Lexy is still about with us too. Wasn't sure if you wanted an invite to the new account, so I sent one along anyway.

  • Hello, I've started playing this game a week ago and I am a level 29. Still learning and I was hoping this guild will help me out.

  • Welcome Kirai! Invite sent in game.

  • We're still about and our doors are always open for anyone looking to connect with a group of players!

  • i'd like to join!

  • Hey wouldnt mind if i join in on the fun

  • Helequin.2608Helequin.2608 Member ✭✭

    Welcome MrZombieTurd and WolfOfLegend. I've sent you in-game invites.

  • kxk.9052kxk.9052 Member


    I'm a new'ish player and would like to join..