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PvP Features in Progress – Updated June 8, 2018

A message from the PvP Team:

The following list contains a selection of changes that currently are on or recently were on the PvP Team backlog. This list is not all-inclusive; it only includes features that have been started or completed. Keep in mind that plans change, priorities shift, and projects always take longer than we'd like. Some of these improvements are many months from completion, and some may be removed if our priorities shift. If that is the case, we'll post an update in the future.

Automated Tournaments

  • Swiss Style Tournaments
  • Increased Tournament Capacity
  • Special Tournaments
  • On Demand Tournaments (Post Swiss)


  • Fixing Broken Nav Mesh (Invalid path to target.)

    • This will be an ongoing task.
    • Post here if you find an area where this happens in a PvP Map.
  • Asura Arena 2v2

  • Unnamed 2v2
  • New Desert-themed Conquest Map
  • Skyhammer Map Adjustments – Completed 1/23
  • PvP Lobby
    • Expanded Free-For-All Arena – Completed 5/22
    • Add Chairs – Completed (5/22)


  • Obsidian Weapon Set

    • Group 1 released (12/12)
    • Group 2 released (3/27)
    • Group 3 released (6/5)
  • PvP Armor Set 2.5

  • Tournament First Place Gizmos – Completed 6/5

Quality of Life

  • Team health Bars – Completed 1/9
  • Standard Friendly Models – Completed 3/6
  • Repeatable Reward Track Option – Completed 6/5
  • Fix Season End Date and Time Display

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