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Most OP(Over powered) class in game?



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    Sure i trust you but maybe scourge just counter your build? I play Reaper And thieves,Rangers,holos,mesmers,warriors Are ultra hard to wincuz they counter me hard

    yea i understand. But as i said. For example even today. I as a thief got rekted by necro milion times and i just played 4 matches and then ppl would hate on me that i am a noob. Well i am not but the necro was freaking too powerfull

    Up until a warrior or mesmer decides to target you, then that "powerful" necro is dead in seconds

    Even as a thief, necro is a pretty easy kill. It's a matchup that is:
    80:20% for necro against a bad thief
    70:30% for thief as a good thief
    And should be 100% for thief as a really good thief.

    Thief is able to easily kite necro. And is way faster than necros attacks.

    And if you can't kill it, just run away as thief

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