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(CS)Looking to Help Silver-Gold Players improve their skills

zoopop.5630zoopop.5630 Member ✭✭✭✭

I'll be running In-house games once a week for an hour long teaching some of the silver/gold players the basic stuff that some players are unable to understand /figure out. Goal is to help as many people possible on certain parts of the game to help improve rank matches/players skill levels down the road :).

I'll be doing the in-house Sunday Afternoon on the 24 of June in Na around 12 pm eastern time.... to those interested feel free to join my guild discord channel https://discord.gg/euNhYdt and show up on the exact day / time given on this post.

Any question at all feel free to post them here and i'll get back to you shortly.

@Ben Phongluangtham.1065 if u can help pin this up or show any kind of support to help me get this word around to players would be great.


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