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WvW support FB question

Haziq.3907Haziq.3907 Member ✭✭

I am learning a firebrand for WvW and was wondering if it is better to start off in tome 2 or 3 for blob fights ? Metabattle seems to suggest tome 2 https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Support_Firebrand


  • starlinvf.1358starlinvf.1358 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 14, 2018

    Its coordinated with 2 or more Firebrands in the core group. Tome 3 gives stability, which is key for fights against enemy zergs that use AOE Stuns (which is pretty much all of them over 15 people), while Tome 2 counter-converts Scourge corruption. You typically need BOTH to outsustain large bombs, and then the FBs switch to the other tome if more sustain is still needed. This ensures coverage long enough for the commander to decide if they need to fall back and regroup, or put up more pressure to finish them off. In either case, you still open with "Stand your Ground" to help prevent stun lock on the initial bomb, and Tome 3's 1 skill will replace stab if its used up or gets corrupted during a push.

    In smaller fights "Stand your Ground" will get more initial mileage, and fewer bombs overall to contend with.... so its safer to start on Tome 2, and save Tome 3 for a panic situation. Your Mantras should be able to cover down most of the fight. But if you're mantras are getting overtaxed, or they land a solid bomb on your group, thats a good sign to pop Tome 3 to sustain through it. If the group can't recover the offensive after that, your odds winning are slim.

  • Tome 3 is for manuvering, pushing, moving, falling back, etc. Tome 2 is for healing and condi clear. Once you play long enough you will figure out what tome to be in and when. I use renewed focus elite for more forgiveness in tome swapping. sometimes the battle changes quicker than your cooldowns on tomes. I love the new FB elite but renewed focus is just too slick.

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