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Your favorite PC voice actors!



  • @Biff.5312 said:
    All I know is I had to delete my female Sylvari Guardian because she yells in the same exact voice/inflection as the Krait witches. It's really grating and I could stand no more. I don't mind them using the same voice actor - but at least make an effort to sound a LITTLE different for the different roles.

    Like on male Asura and Humans? Or female Asura and Charr? They also use the same voice actor the the guttural sounds.

  • Female Human end of story.

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    Who does Bongo / Faren, etc?

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    Thanks for making my game fun, April. As a side note, whoever voices Slupsloop at Tequatl is good. Slupsloop sounds so genuinely scared. "It's coming!"

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    God, I just adore the male Sylvari voice actor. I may have been quite lucky that his voice felt perfect for my first character/main toon but I wouldn't have it any other way.

    But this man's voice acting just astounds me. I guess I feel so even more than some other players would due to the fact that I played all story after base game immediately one after the other. LS2, Heart of Thorns, LS3, Path of Fire, and a bit spotty but the first two and last episode of season 4, and now season 5 and I'm always blown away by the voice actor. It's real subtle but to me it really sounds like he's understanding that the commander character is heavily emotionally affeted as the story goes on and his voice has these little nuances that reflect that. It's fantastic. In base game he was confident, rather cheerful. Move on to Season 2 and he's surrounded by a sense of urgency (same for much of Heart of Thorns as well), and his voice in LS3 to Path of Fire just continues to get more heavy, darker, tired I'd say. And it works, phenominally. Again, his voice fits my toon perfectly so it really makes the story so much more impactful for me and I love it.

  • Can not pick one sorry, i think they are all very good.
    Most iconic / memorable to me would be Claudia Black (star gate SG1 series actress) voicing for (Dragon Age Morrigan & Mass Effect) her voice is just wonderful.

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    i like very much the Priestess Rhie from personal history.

    Also i like "kitten" style of some charr's characters.

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  • Jennifer Hale, hands down. Having Commander Shepard in Guild Wars, even with a different tone and accent, was the reason I made my little cabbage head

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