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Newbie first time into GW2

Hi, it's my first time playing GW2 with some friends, thing is they have played before and they know what they are doing, unlike me.
I have got both expansions and I'm torn with all these classes.
I'm looking for something that can do some serious damage and is balanced in pve/PvP. I'm not Into the mesmer hype though.
I will tell you my experience, I have tried all the classes but haven't actually played the game yet hah.
I loved engineer but the turrets seems to be really weak and I also tried the flamethrower kit and it seems okay...but not strong. I know that holosmith is really strong though.
I also tried necromancer and it really was fun with all the pets and reaper shroud but I only heard people staying how bad they actually are in pve and PvP and they never were good. And I'm like...ok...
Warrior Beserker seems to be really cool and very strong with, alot of burning damage just not sure how strong are they?
Thief I was told to stay away from thief and necro as they are the forgotten classes? Abit sad because deadeye seemed to dish out some nice damage in PvP...

I'm torn between these, thief, engi, Beserker, necro...
Can you enlighten me and advise what should I go for? I love all of them equally but I don't know how good they fare in PvP and pve.



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    For pve, necro is probably best class for open world content (minions are very strong there). In party based content (raid/fractals/dungeons) it is mostly condition dps class that is not that hard to play decently but require enourmous coordination to do great (and then it is best dps in the game). It shines in fights with alot of mobs and can provide some ultility if needed.

    Warrior is also easier to play. In parties its job is mostly to provide offensive buffs (banners and empowerd alies) but that doesnt meant he doesnt deal damage. Warrior will probably be meta for a long time since his buffs are so strong that even if they were reduced to half they would probably still be worth it. On the other hand Necro is very strong right now but most of his strenght stands on epidemic and if anet desides to nerf it (necro wasnt changed last patch unlike some other very strong picks) then necro might fall down alot (depends on the changes).

    Personaly i dont know much about eng/holo other then it is good power dps that can provide buff to condition classes in his party. He is not the best but definitly not bad. Unlike necro he will probably keeps his place for longer time since he had big rework recently and it didnt affect him at all.

    dont know much about pvp other then mesmer, necro and warrior are pretty good there

  • Last I checked, there's no real barrier to entry for PVP, so you can fill up your extra character slots with a bunch of different toons with different classes. That's what I did. If it turns out that you don't like a class, you can delete the toon with no skin off your back. Take them into PVE at your leisure.

    For PVE, unless you're planning on joining a dedicated fractal or raid group, it is pretty much a "play what you want" scenario. But, if I were to give my opinion on each of the classes you listed...

    Thief: This one is sort of the worst of the bunch. The pros are that it is very mobile, it is good solo, the ability to spam blinds makes it really easy to defend yourself, it has excellent crowd control, and it can also steal boons. Due to all of the skill evades and endurance recovery, this class can dodge nearly everything, meaning that when played well it can beat nearly anything. The cons are that the class is frail, it doesn't have high peak damage, and it doesn't provide many unique buffs or boons. The high end PVE scene is all about unique buffs and high burst damage against largely immobile enemies, so the main advantages of the thief don't translate well.

    Engineer: One of my favorites, and my own starting class. The engineer is sort of the medium profession as far as DPS and buffs go. The pros are that it has the widest toolbox of abilities in the game, meaning that no matter the situation you'll always have the right tool for the job. Except, ironically, for boon removal. But otherwise, I mean everything. The Con is that the engineer is legitimately hard to learn, and hard to play. You'll be overloaded with all of the skills, and until you unlock an elite specialization the damage can be low. Also, to maximize effectiveness you'll have to learn to quickly swap between kits and weapons, which requires extra button presses.

    Necromancer: This one can be... odd at times. The necromancer is notorious, because its ease of use and edgelord theme will attract bad players, who will then not learn the game proper because the minions and high health pool will carry you. The Pros for the class is that it has the only force multiplying skill in the game via epidemic, it can corrupt boons, it can do all of its damage at a far distance, and high health pool makes it incredibly easy to play. The cons are that it has low overall damage, it doesn't provide many unique buffs or boons, the condi ramp up is one of the longest in the game, and it has terrible crowd control. The necro sees play in some organized groups because Epidemic is ridiculously good, and there will be coordinated "Epi bouncers" which will be used to multiply conditions on enemies.

    *Warrior:** I haven't personally played this one, but it is the strongest out of the bunch. The Pros are that it has the highest damage in the game on both small and large targets, it has some of the best group buffs in the game, and it has good CC. The cons are that all of the meta builds leave you surprisingly frail, and that it doesn't have that wide of a toolbox of skills to use. There's probably other cons, but again I don't play the class. Warriors are always in high demand, and there's always room for more Warrior in groups.

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