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Camera zoom out + invisible mount after WP to Ammoon

I checked other thread, doesn't seen to have what i was having problem
It happen with any mount as I can see after I WP few time, I think so far 3-4 times since launched

When you teleport to Ammoon Waypoint, then move straight, you get this
around 0:15 in
For new person, do not click that, it is certain mount in that video

Provide reproduction steps when possible:
Unknown, it seem to be random, so far I believe it only happen at Ammoon Waypoint.
I try to see if i can get this again, but couldn't, only once while writting it, but it was short distance.

It does not crash game, Just a interesting bug i find, not major or so minor as it will restore back after a brief moment.

Daredevil sylvari


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