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Best places to farm Wyvern Scale and Drake Scale for Ydalir

Hello fellow Dragon Hunters and assorted GW2bies,

I'm working on getting Ydalir (the elite spec collection weapon for Dragon Hunters) and two of the requirements are drops: Wyvern Scale (in Heart of Maguuma) and Drake Scale (in Central Tyria). I'm wondering if anyone has any best places they've found to farm the wyverns and drakes.

--Kalcheus Creyrkin


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    not sure whats best. You're welcome

    I'd rather keep going.. wherever the wind takes us

  • I think my drake scale dropped in either Queensdale or Plains of Ashford. I know the drop from veteran oakhearts that I needed for my Druid staff dropped in Queensdale. As for the wyvern scale...that might have dropped for me in VB while I was helping to clear wyverns for a couple of people to get that one HP up north.

  • Wyvern would be in Verdant Brink just West of the Itzal village near the hero point up on the cliff. Lots of wyverns up there. There is another spot in the canopy in the South of the map that is harder to reach, it's the same place where you tame juvenile fire wyverns, but you should be fine farming it near the Itzel village.

    For drakes I assume the easiest place would be the drakes just South of Divinity's Reach in Queensdale in one of the first hearts. They are pretty easy to kill and fairly plentiful. I don't think level has anything to do with drop rate on these items, as long as it's from the same species it should be able to drop it.

  • For the Wyvern Scale, I'd suggest trying to hunt Electric Wyverns, as they're sizably less annoying to fight than Fire Wyverns. You can find groups of Electric Wyverns at the flax farm in Tangled Depths, as well as across to the south from there by a small chest high up in the southwest corner of the Ogre valley. Both of those areas have exclusively Electric Wyvern foes, so you won't need to worry about waiting for fifteen seconds of fire-breathing invulnerability to get your kill.

    As for drakes, drakes are everywhere. Try Gendarran Fields along the river northeast of Lion's Arch, it should have a lot there.

  • One caution about the electric wyverns at the flax farm in TD - the wyverns there are electric ONLY after a successful meta. After a filed meta, they seem to be something more like acid wyverns that have an overweening desire to dogpile you!