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Achievement Endpoint is broken

Since a short time the achievement endpoint is completely broken. The Categories does not contain any achievements.
And when i want to request the daily achievements I just get a 206 partial content response with 3 achievements in it. Requesting the single achievements result in an "no such achievement" response.
=> Empty category (every other category is empty aswell),3784,1937,1936,1967,1964,2026,1933,1857,2816,3450,3449,1847,1846,1851,1850
=> Todays pve dailies return just a random number and 206 partial content
=> Returns "no such id"

If this is such a long running issue as the broken tradingpost I will no longer develop my app (with 10k+ active installations) any longer. This would be a complete waste of time, as this are essential parts. I can't understand that such an important service gets so less support from ArenaNet. APIs are an essential service today! They enable diverse and useful applications that help users do things.

I hope the API will get more attention so all the beautiful and useful 3rd party applications can resume working.

a disappointed developer


  • Wanze.8410Wanze.8410 Member ✭✭✭

    The Wiki has a warning atm:

    The Guild Wars 2 API is experiencing difficulties this weekend, which may affect various pages on this wiki such as Dailies, Trading post prices and Maps.

  • WeAreTwO.9780WeAreTwO.9780 Member ✭✭

    Thabk you for the hint. But this hint is just on the english Wiki and it did not clarify why the api gets randomly broken for a weekend.

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