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Just some questions I have :)

eduardo.1436eduardo.1436 Member ✭✭✭

1) I like Blish and Gorrik and hope to learn/see more about them in the future. Who voices them?

2) I enjoyed Faren's character arc instead of being relegated to a single cameo, who had the idea of "why not have Faren do this and that?"

3) is it a possibility for say Episode 7 of LW to expand Kourna? Kinda like Dry Top and Silverwastes, enjoy the map but it feels a bit lackluster, especially the meta event.

4) Is it a bug that enemies don't drop magic or intended?

5) Will Petey/Roller Beetle abilities be used in future maps?

6) Cinematics were AMAZING 10/10. Any chance to see more?

7) One of the highlight for me is that our allies are in the open world, Rytlock is a renown heart npc. With maps being stuck in time, will we see our current and future allies in the map again?

8) Thank you, overall enjoyed this release.


  • foozlesprite.8051foozlesprite.8051 Member ✭✭✭

    Regarding number seven, I saw the heart over Rytlock's head and got all frustrated like "dude get off the heart NPC, I need to buy my shard bundle" until I realized he was the heart NPC, ahaha. Really though, you would THINK we'd earned enough karma with him by now...

    "Hey Rytlock, can I have those shards so I can help outfit the army? Now that we're right here by Joko's palace?"
    "Go kill fifty Awakened and talk to me again."