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Plot question, lore question, and game question. (Spoilers, maybe.)

Plot question: Why was the roller beetle mount given the origin it was? I realize that GW1 players may have nostalgic feelings for them, but I'm one of the many that never played that and have no connection to them. We can only see it as it's presented to us: A parasite that was living within someone until it decided to burst out, and go on a feeding frenzy that left it mutated. Why? Why wasn't it just presented as one of his sample insects? What was the point of making it ... well... disgusting? (Seriously hoping for a charr cycle skin soon, so I never have to deal with the bug again.)

Lore question: In "Be My Guest" instance, we get to have a nice conversation with one of the Awakened Canids. During this, it's easy to see that the bottom jaw of the mask actually moves, suggesting that there's an actual canid head in there. And there's a lot of those guys in Joko's forces, maybe too many for him to be making them from other parts. Is there currently a Canid race out there that Joko is taking these guys from? I know the giant ones are all gone, but are there still more human sized ones? Did we just possibly save/anger a race we don't even know?

Game question: It's good that you tracked down and fixed at least part of the problems that hit when the story first released. However, part of that was from you trying something new (largest mission instance ever, I think it was). As you push forward, I'm sure you'll be trying other new things, and unleashing other new bugs. What changes are you making to your testing procedures to help to ensure that this kind of "only on live" bug is less likely. (It's impossible to say you'll catch them all, I know.)

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  • The canids and abominations in Joko's Awakened army were fashioned from necrotic flesh into a form that he found useful for his purposes.