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Question regarding the aquisition of several minipets

Death Snakes.8193Death Snakes.8193 Member ✭✭


As a minipet collector, I strive to obtain every mini in the game, there's several minipets in the mini tab that haven't been released or are ridiculously rare, any plans to update there droprates to make them more inline to aquire? Here's a list of 10:

Air Djinn - 4 Djinns that seem impossibly rare, api shows only 1-3 people have them, fire djinn isn't even in the api, it's even been questioned if these are actual player accounts that have them rather then dev accounts that got scanned in the api. Either way, only a couple of people in the entire game having them seems super rare. This is also before the api crashed and reset.
Earth Djinn
Water Djinn
Fire Djinn - (not in api)
Mushroom Stomper - only available in the wardrobe unlock, makes it very RNG to get him unless obtaining almost every item in the unlocks.
Mordent Crescent - 0 in the TP 99% of the time, having highest bids for months at a time and there never seems to be any that go on the TP.
Awakened Abomination - Seems to be precurser rare but only drop from 1 bounty? Usually 0-1 in the TP
Junundu Wurm - Seems extremely rare as well as the event being hard to do as people have moved on from the map, also usually 0-1 on TP
Turai Ossa - released at HoT in the tab, never been acquirable. Possible pvp reward track reward but Turai was a default so no reward track with his mini?
Awakened Asura - released in the last episode(Ep2) in the tab but not acquirable. Rare quality so perhaps was supposed to be for a heart vendor/volatile magic vendor?

p.s Also collect all the endless tonics in the game (rip bank tabs), any chance the Endless Multicolored Ooze Tonic could be publicly released? It was accidently released at launch and it now mocks me in the api as one of the few tonics I haven't collected.



  • Hi, Death Snakes,

    I think this is a very good question, and you've clearly done excellent research on the miniature acquisition process. However, I don't think this relates to Episode 3, or even exclusively to our Living World instances. I believe this would get more traction and would be most likely to be seen by the devs in the GW2 Discussion Subforum. However, if you feel this truly is LW-related, we can leave it here. Could you let me know your thoughts on placement? I'm happy to move to GW2 Discussion if you agree that's the best place.

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  • If it can get better dev attention there then sure I don't mind it being moved at all. I asked the question during the reddit ama and it was missed unfortunately, just hoping for a dev to see it.