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Kournan military

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For about 250 years ago, Kourna had this mighty, powerful military and they disliked Sunspears (and other outlanders), more or less, :lol:, but in GW2 there's no sight of them.
We know that Sunspears are back and keep recruiting more and more into their group in Istan and all across the Elona, but what actually happened to the Kournan military? For centuries, Kourna has had a military government but now they are gone like there's no tomorrow.

I was kinda surprised to see basically the same villagers and villages with the same NPCs skins in Kourna as in any other places in Elona as back in GW1 they had sightly different skins (much red clothes, different silhouette, different paint markings, hairstyles etc).

I was hoping to see atleast something that would symbolized the mighty military of Kourna now that we finally are there. Similar to Istan, atleast we saw ex-sunspears and loyalists that were Dervishes and Paragons.

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