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My Story DC

Trying to tie up loose ends on my personal story I never finished and I'm on Victory or Death - Estate of Decay. I can get all the way through the episode and the game will disconnect me as soon as the last cinematic ends after escaping the Kitah Manse. I will not see the credit for finishing the episode or the rewards and it will not advance to the next episode. When I log back into the game it takes me right back to the beginning of this one by putting me at the 'enter instance' portal in Malchor's Leap, and I have to do it all over again. I feel this is a game bug and not my connection as this happens at the same place every time I try to complete it. I have added a link to a screen shot of the NPC's conversation that shows up in the chat to prove I've made it to the end of this. I have searched through the forums for this bug, and I've seen many story related issues due to the new expansion but not this particular one. I look forward to finishing this story whenever the game allows me to.

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