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Does the commander have any idea?

When was the last time that the commander had an idea of his/hers own? Are we commanding anything?
Every episode starts with Taimi calling and giving us some news that we need to go and help with something. This episode the only our decision was to to the portal outside the tombs after Taimi suggested we should visit the Primeval Dynasty. Faren gathered the people from Amnoon, Rox the Olmakhan and so on. We didn't have any plan how to kill Joko. We risked everybodies lives whithout any contignecy plan. We followed Braham to the sewers. I'm a proud winner of a Snaff prize and I don't want to be so stupid anymore.
You should end the episode with giving us orders to our guild members on what to do next. That way we (the players) could also had something to spaculate on what will the next episode bring. Now we have nothing.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.