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[EU] Dragons Company [Looking for members!] Social/Discord/PvX/New

Hello everyone reading this post,

I am Dino and i'd like to "advertise" my guild here.

Dragons Company is a guild created at the start of GW2, Over 5 years back. Back in the day me and the other guildies played a lot of PvX and WvW content togheter. Unfortunately a bit later into GW2 it went stale as we all slowly drifted off to different games and interests.

And now, after returning to GW2 I am rebooting the guild from the ground up with another former member of Dragons Company.

We will be focusing on making the guild as Social as we can. We would like an enviorment where everyone knows eachother and will just have a great time playing the game togheter.

Our current focusses are on the following:


  • We are currently trying to gather members to aquire our guild hall and starting to expand it. For this ofcourse we need members. But more importantly we would love people to hang out with.


  • We are working on a Fractal team that can clear T4 fractals well and hopefully other teams to help people get their gear for our next focus point.


  • Yes! You heard it folks! Raids, We really want to set up an amazing party to do raids with. And whats better then doing raids with the guild. Its a big of a long shot at this moment because the raids arent easy. But i'm sure we'll have a party up and running soon enough.


I'd love to hear from you! Either reply to this post or add me on my discord:



  • Hey guys!,

    We are still recruiting and are planning to get our Guild Hall tonight! Wanna help getting it? Add me!

  • We have succesfully obtained the Guild Hall and Tavern, currently working on the mine. Ofcourse we are also still looking for new members! Think you'll be a fit? Be sure to contact me!

  • hey id be interested in joining your guild! :) ive noticed most guilds are 18+, do you have this requirement/are there any requirements you haven't listed? thanks! :) (im new-ish to gw, I was a decent player but I haven't played it in a while, as I haven't had anything to play it on, but hopefully I can start playing more often) how big is this guild so far? thanks again! -maddie :)

  • Hey guys, we just got our mine upgrade done and moving on to the tavern! Also still looking for members. Come join us!

  • Hello!

    I'm a new player who just hit 80 a month back and I want to start getting into various PvE content. Your guild sounds pretty interesting and I wanted to know if you could send me an invite?


  • Your guild sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, could i get an invite?

  • Hello Meraki and Stillshade, I added you both! Hope to see you ingame and on Discord.

  • Hey guys, We are still looking for more people to join us! Feel free to take a look or contact me for more information.

  • Hi Zeerover bob, sounds like a great guild which I'd like to join. I'm an old time player, though never got too far into the game. I've got 2 lvl 80 char's and did a little pve, wvw and pvp stuff but nothing major.

  • Count me in, have tried to lead a guild since I began playing GW2, 3.5 years later, I realize I'll never be able to properly build one

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