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[NA][WvW][Darkhaven] IRON is recruiting semi-hardcore players!

Hi! I lead IRON. If this boring garbage below sounds like something you'd be interested in, hop into our discord and talk to us! Link is at the bottom.

Who we are

Established small guild (level 68 GH) on Darkhaven that exists soley to WvW. We're comfortable with havoc, main tagging, or pincering enemy blobs untagged. We have around 10 active players currently, and I'd like to bolster those numbers to no more than 20. You won't feel like a number here.

As of writing this post we currently have one WvW night on our weekly schedule - Saturdays 7-10PM CST. We also play table top sim together Wednesday nights if you enjoy board games.

Why you should care

  • We're good at what we do, most of us tout years playing this game
  • Professional callouts from our driver
  • Seasoned vet players that were our core when we ran with 50+ people
  • Chill group of players that won't yell if something doesn't go our way

What we want from you

  • We're primarily looking for experienced players. If you're new, exceptions are ok if you learn quickly. We will not hold your hand. A few wipes a night are expected, but aren't a habit of ours.
  • Our group comp is based on CC and burst PBAoE. We frequently use portal bombs and sneak attacks. Expect to "one push" or surprise enemy groups often.
  • Currently looking for any of the following:
    -DH/FB Guards
    -Reaper/Scourge Necros
    -Spellbreaker Wars
    -Burst Mesmers w/ Gravity Well
    -Revs are ok, but you won't get a chance to properly use your range

  • No glassy gear. Bring a moderate amount of sustain while not compromising dps.

  • Usage of the guild discord (if only to listen) while we fight.
  • Be 18+. We're a group of 20-40 year olds, and adult themes are common.
  • No other requirements outside of not flaming other guild members. No, I'm not hitting you with a rulebook. Don't abuse it. We have no inactivity penalties.

Still interested? Check us out! https://discord.gg/YNTqgaU


  • Do you like killing people?!
    Do you like getting bags?!
    Do you like running over little weaklings who should have spent a bit more time sucking on their mommy's teat?!
    Do you like ERP?!
    Do you like random PVE events where we talk about the male genitalia?!
    Do you like other games and want to play it with other people because you're awkward and shy?!
    Well this is the guild for you, nerd!
    Send our fearless leader a mail and you'll be joining the ranks of the Iron Republic of Nerds [IRON].


  • I've been with the guild for a few months now. Can confirm that we host ERP sessions in WVW.

  • No idea if these fine folks are still active but I’ll confirm a few things: 1. They are absolutely nerds. 2. Easily some of the best players I’ve had the pleasure to share time with. 3. They know genitalia.

    Guild leader for Goats of Thunder. No pants allowed.