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Beetle Race

I have a few ideas regarding Beetle Races, since there are so many Youtube Videos with player made Race Tracks I'm guessing the interest in professional made tracks is high, so here are some adds to the game i'd love to see in the future:

I suggest we make this a whole new Gamemode, something like PvP. You can queue, You can earn ranks and be rewarded in a similar fashion or maybe in form of skins for the beetle, which show your rank and people would be like "omg that's the best Driver in GW2", anyhow the Reward System is something i still have to think about.


First of all we need maps specifically designed for races, i was thinking about some sort of fractal map in which the roads change with each round of the match imagine it like puzzle pieces getting changed so the difficulty changes and you can't just memorize roads
The higher your Rank the harder the Track meaning in low tier maps the parts of the track that get changed out will only get swapped by a similar easy path, for instance, a flat straight piece gets changed to a road piece that goes downhill. In High Tier however, the changes would be a difficult jump or a really small tunnel you'd have to master.


Public Viewing For bigger events you can watch the Top Racers of GW2 compete, i mean** ingame**, in Lions Arch, there would be a huge asurian Television something like a Time Square for GW2 in addition to this players would be able to bet on their Champion. This is something that could get the whole community engaged and there would be actual famous players in gw2 beside streamers. No other MMO can offer this.

Feel free to add ideas I'm open to anything new. Also if one of the devs reads this I'm currently jobless poor af, and eating Ramen cups everyday if you like any of my thoughts I'd appreciate a job offer


  • I'd like to see city circuits, where everyone can watch other ppl running!

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    edited November 29, 2018

    There are few things really easily implemented that should increase the experience:

    • Have a chrono to see our time in millisecond during the race
    • See the 1st global ranking and daily ranking time
    • See a "ghost" of the 1st global ranking guy (this can be quite complicated i know)
    • Add better reward for winning a race.
      thank you for adding this great mod, this is game changing