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Signet Of Stone Bugged (Ranger / Soulbeast)

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In my recent evaluation of the utility & traited version of the skill "Signet of Stone", I came to the conclusion that it is bugged (only evaluated in wvw on Soulbeast). It appears only to successfully work on 1 incoming attack (almost completely useless) and not for the full duration of the skill (useful). According to the patch notes, this is not how it is intended to work.

[I also gave the warrior "defy pain" a try out at the same time, and that seemed to be working as intended.]


  • If you mean lesser Signet of stone the trait in marksmanship, then yes it's bugged and applies the pvp duration in wvwvw whereas the pve duration should be leading even the tooltip says 70s cd 5s duration.

    I have a feeling this woulda been hotfixed instant if it was let's say endure pain duration in pve being halfed with pvp durations ....

  • Tested Lesser Signet of Stone in WvWvW after recent patch, this is still bugged, cooldown is longer then 70s in wvwvw and duration shorter then 5s in wvwvw, likely the pvp value still applies for wvwvw here somehow.

    A fix would be appriciated i doubt you'd let warriors run this long in WvWvW with a halved duration and longer cd on their endure pain.

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