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Stuck on PvP Map Selection Screen

DanSwayer.8670DanSwayer.8670 Member
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When the latest build came, I was logged in. The window for pvp map selection popped up and since then it has been stuck to my screen. Whatever I do, it doesn't go. I relogged, rebooted and updated computer, reinstalled game and repaired client, still doesn't work. I submitted a ticket about 3 days ago and there hasn't been any response from the support. Please help solve my problem. I don't know what else to do. Been missing out on lot of stuff since I am having free time nowadays.


  • Problem persists on all characters.

  • I am having the same issue right now. It got stuck at map selection screen of pvp where eternal coliseum was selected. I tried to switch character and even went to Lion's Arch, the window still appears in the middle of screen. Please help!

  • stuck on pvp map selection screen...need help please, so fckin frustrating

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