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What does it take to get the nod??

Nivik.2961Nivik.2961 Member ✭✭
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can somebody explain to me why power rev can do 33k on small hitbox and still be "unsubtantial/not recommended" by the powers that be (snow crows, ect) in this game...
This isn't a troll post, I just seriously don't understand how this works. We bring way more survivability than most other DPS classes and the numbers are not only better than most but way more reliable to obtain.....Im just getting sick of reading how Rev isn't bringing anything to the table....

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  • ArthurDent.9538ArthurDent.9538 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I expect that power herald will be reasonably well accepted in raid pugs now since they are generally familiar with snowcrows benchmarks where the herald one is actually really solid. However I don't think it will perform exceptionally well compared to other classes in regards to actually raid dps due to still no burst and I doubt most heralds will be using/abusing the inspiring reinforcement bug. Regardless I will be keeping an eye on gw2raidar to see if it actually does hold its own compared to stuff like dragonhunter and holosmith which have comparable benchmarks but better burst.

  • LucianDK.8615LucianDK.8615 Member ✭✭✭✭


    Power Revenant is getting the nod on Metabattle now for both Raids and Fractals So delightful to see.

  • narcx.3570narcx.3570 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 18, 2018

    Here's something I said on the raid forums about it:

    "Sadly even tho it now has a benchmark that's actually higher than Holo, I think your average pug group will still be pretty hateful towards Heralds....

    I say this for a couple of reasons... Firstly you have to know how to do the targeting bug on IR to get even close to those numbers, and doing the bug is annoying, and a group is going to (most likely) assume that your average LFG rev does not know how to do this properly. Secondly, there's no instance where you would want to bring a Herald that you wouldn't also just want/prefer a Deadeye. And, like, Deadeye's rotation is easier, has higher numbers, is easier to realistically hit those higher benchmark numbers, AAAANNND there's a bajillion deadeye players in LFG right now. I think a lot of this can also be said about the new Power Soulbeast as well, although SB at least brings some interesting utility options like Bear Stance.

    I suppose you could argue that Herald has better add cleave than deadeye, but that's honestly not really a concern.

    I'm not trying to spread hate, I mean I consider myself a Rev main (although I only play it in 2 raid encounters), I would love for the negative stigma about Rev's to be better... But I'm also a realist about it. Maybe we can just get people as addicted to Assassin's Presence as they are to other buffs--it's honestly our best chance of landing a spot in the meta."

    I would also add to that, that Power Herald has terrible burst dps... Yes, it's sustained benchmark over the fight is at 33k, but the other 33k power classes (Guardian/DH/Holo/Chrono/Breaker/Weaver) deliver their 33k in a huge front-loaded burst that then tapers off, repeats, and averages out to 33k over time. Unfortunately for Rev's, that burst is what you want from a power class, especially in Fractal CM's, but also in most of the raid encounters where power is preferred over condi (and in fights where power isn't preferred to condi, you should be going Renegade anyways.)

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