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Daily Achievement API Broken?

Swarfega.6097Swarfega.6097 Member
edited July 18, 2018 in API Development

I wrote a tool before Path Of Fire was released. It worked fine at the time. It was a tool to show what todays (or tomorrows) dailies are based on your edition of the game (Core/Heart Of Thorns), your min and max level character. Since Path Of Fire through the API seems to show the required access for all dailies to be all three editions no matter the daily. I believe it's the required_access to be the cause...


Today, for example, it's saying achievement 2891 is the daily for those with GuildWars2 edition of the game. That's 'Daily Adventure: Flying Circus' which is a Heart of Thorns feature only.

  "id": 2891,
  "level": {
    "min": 80,
    "max": 80
  "required_access": [



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