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Here is the true lore of tyria.

Don't mind the bad english its not my native language nor I claim to be a professional english speaker.

It started as a beuitiful morning, The commander has pakced all their stuff and ready to head out to the crystal desert.
While walking the path to the airship the commander had thoughts of "How the hell I'm going to murder that god" but they took a deep breath, existed about their new voyage to the cyrstal desert in hope to find new places to explore and visit.

They finally reached the ship while suddenly they heard a weird sound with an echo coming from the distence, the ground was shaking. They looked around and didn't see anything but keep staring at the sky. "Are you ready to departure commander?!" First Mate Fidus Foecrush said. "Didn't you heard that sound?!" the commander said.

First mate stink cat:
"We don't have time for this kitten we must reach the desert aren't you eager about this?"

"Yes but...its sounds familier..oh well time to move".

The commander boarded the ship ready to leave walking towards the door in the airship to the command center but then again dat sound can be heard again this time much more stronger that even the ground cracks open.

The sky then cracks and weird lights are coming out of it, numbers are being poured out of the sky weird numbers. The commander rushed outside immediately to take a look around, can't respond to anything that is happening. "It looks like the end of the world" they said.

Stinky cat again yells:
"We have to move get inside the ship we must go now".

The commander rushed inside but as soon as they get in they look at the sky and what they see make them kitten their pants, shocked and have no words.
A giant object is falling down from the tear in the sky into the earth, its a square and something is wirrten inside of it. No something is carved on it.

"What does it say?"

Stinky cat:
"It says 'The game client is unable to gain access to the log-in server at this time. This is most commonly caused by a firewall or router settings, secuirty applications. or connecting through a campus network'".

"Oh my god, what do we do now?"

Stinky cat:
"Time to go"

Stinky cat starts up the engine of the ship and start moving towards the sea.

At this time LA is going crazy, panic in the streets people are screaming at the sky while its still cracking and more objects are falling through the tear. Something appears from above and it appears to be laughing.

Commander yells towards the giant ugly cat:
"Are we just going to run away and leave all these people behind?"

ugly kat:
"What can we do?!"

Then the object hits the ground and suddenly the whole world stop, time has stopped moving and everything froze in the place.

3 minutes later the world reshapes into what it used to be before the sky cracked but it starts to move slowly, and then again the sky is torn again and the same object appears to fall into the earth.

Then the world stops again and freezing evertything inside of it, 2 minutes again the world goes back to status A and then again the sky torn and the same objects keep falling down hitting the ground and casuing the same scenario over and over and over and over.

"THIS IS A TORTURE" the commander is yelling "MAKE IT STOP" they then kneel crying to their creators to stop torturing them.
But it doesn't stop it continues non-stop. During that time people are trying to kill themselves in attempt to stop the torture but everytime the world goes back to status A they come back to life as nothing happned before.

The world lags!, Everyone is moving slowly and as they ran they appear to be teleported back again and again.
People are screaming panic is everywhere no one knows what to do or how to stop it.

4 days passed and it still happening nobody know what to do, helpless, confused and frightened.

The commander feels like they want to just die and get this over with.

"This may be the end of our world, or this may be our new future. We can all rest knowing that the treat in the desert is no longer a threat but this new GOD that is torturing us. Some say it will be over soon and it should have happned anyways and there is nothing you can do about it. BUT I don't believe in that I just want to die I want slit my own throat" The commander thinks to himself.

Is it the end?!